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Sunday, June 24, 2012



  1. These are really amazing! I followed a link from The Brothers Brick to your blog and spend a great morning sipping coffee and looking up each set you painted at Wonderful work. I love the whimsey your illustrations have and the attention to detail.

    Really great!

    1. Thanks!

      I'm really happy that you took your time and looked for the sets by yourself. We've heard some opinions that it'd be better if we had the original set pictures included for comparison -- yet we still think that this particular moment of depending only on the memory and searching for original set photo is way too enjoyable!

  2. Do you guys make this art available for sale. I have been a lego builder for over 30 years and really love your work. I have 3 boys who spend many hours a day creating new spaceships and bases with legos. I would love to include some of your artwork in their rooms.

    Truly Awesome,


    1. Thanks Aleksander!

      That's one great idea (one of the cutest, too)! We've had a couple of such requests already, and we're thinking what to do about that all the time.

      I can assure you that once we figure it all, we'll have a really big newspost here!

      Thanks again and please stick by