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About us

about the blog

Sur m'ale Gobros. is an fan artblog containing illustrations of vintage LEGO sets made by Surma brothers:
Przemek (Surpiko) and Marcin (xulm).

Updated weekly since January 2012

about Marcin

Marcin (xulm) is an illustrator and a 2d animator, currently attending the Lodz Film School.
He also writes and illustrates comic books.
Has a BA in computer science, also.

You can find more of his works at xulm hub.

about Przemek

Przemek (Surpiko) is an illustrator as well.
He is a wood carver and a historic preservation engineer.
Just like Marcin, he writes and illustrates comic books.

You can find his works at Surpiko blog

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Living the LEGO dream.

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