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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Coincidentally, we both drew similar Blacktron II pieces at the same time (see Przemek's previous illustration)

Since we drew three Blacktron II sets this month already, let's retroactively call this November a Blacktronvember II -- be sure to see the final illustration next week!

PS: And since we have still more than one Blacktron II set to go, you can vote for the Blacktronvember II finale set in the comments!


  1. Marzył mi się zestaw 6981, ale zamiast niego dostałem widoczny powyżej malutki 6812 :/
    Dlatego poproszę 6981 :>

  2. Your whole series is fantastic! My first Blacktron II was the 6887 Allied Avenger, so that is my vote…

  3. Counted!

    Also, the voting closes along with the end of next Saturday (GMT)