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Sunday, November 24, 2013

6981 (animated!)

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attention: It's a 5 MB GIF, it may take a while to load properly

This is one of the most important entries in Sur m'ale Gobros history for me -- a set I saw in the catalog and fell in love instantly, immediately writing a wishful note to the Little Star (think of it as a Santa equivalent), not understanding that I can't possibly get it since the catalog was couple of years old already.

Needless to say, this was not what I got for Christmas that year

Couple of months later, in a local haberdashery of all places, I saw a LEGO box on the top of the shelf -- it was a very old (colors from the box have had already vanished, leaving only blue) 6981 box. I can't recall if I told my mother that I want it and she dismissed it, or if I was so speechless that I didn't even mention it to her.

I never saw that box in that particular haberdashery again. Or any haberdashery, though.

Since we started Sur m'ale Gobros, I knew that this set has to receive a special treatment -- and here it is! (xulm)


  1. Excellent work, excellent blog.

    Did you manage to get the set then later on? Or is it still on a wish list?

    1. Thank you!

      Sadly, I never got my hands on it. There's always something more important to do -- at the moment I plan on starting Great Search For 6981 And Other Sets in two or three years I guess.

  2. I love this. It reminds me of the opening screens from the "Elite" computer game of the 1980s.